Open Doors Travel

Beginning a Brand New Journey

Open Doors Travel Logo
“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Erica to develop my company's brand strategy, logo, and guidelines. From initial concepts to launch, Erica was instrumental in guiding us through the process and often acted as a sounding board for our ideas, making recommendations and suggestions as we worked on defining our brand identity. I am grateful for having her ongoing assistance as we continue to evolve.”

Brand Guide

As branding strategist and creative director I helped Open Doors Travel tell an amazing story through their branding.

Open Doors Travel Brand Guide

Creative Process

In presenting my creative concept ideas to Erika, I referenced The Hobbit, by JR Tolkien. She understood immediately what I was trying to convey. I love those moments of connection with my clients!

Open Door Travel Logo Concept
Open Door Travel Brand Style: A balance
Open Door Travel Brand Colours: Vibrant
Open Door Travel Differentiation
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