One Sauce

Crafting a Meaningful Brand Story

One Sauce Logo

Tokunbo Oladokun is a Business Analyst in Coquitlam who is working on launching a line of Nigerian sauces.

It was a pleasure to work with Tokunbo and learn about West African cuisine (the free samples were delicious!)

I was very happy to learn that our branding work was key to her winning an entrepreneurship contest in 2021, which awarded her a cash prize.

~ Erica

Brand Guide

As branding strategist and creative director I helped One Sauce tell an amazing story through their branding.

Creative Process

This is an inside look to the creative concept ideas I presented, and what features and aspects I combined to craft a brand story that was meaningful to Tokunbo and her brand.

One Sauce Brand Positioning
One Sauce Colour Palette: Warm, Sunny, Vibrant
One Sauce Slide
One Sauce Logo Inspiration: Nigerian Textiles
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