It’s Been A While

It’s been a while.

Have things shifted for you in the last three years? For me the shift has been about growth and integration.

I’m still very busy teaching marketing students at BCIT’s School of Business, and I’ve taken on a new leadership role as Faculty Advisor for the BCITMA, a club for students who want to apply what they are learning through competitions, events, and serving their community. I’m still working with clients on branding and marketing strategy, but I’ve clarified my target market. I used to describe myself as a consultant for small businesses. Now I understand that I serve purpose-driven businesses. Small businesses can be great- and so can mid to large sized companies! It is the spirit and heart of the business that I love to support. Whatever your size, if your organization is doing great work, I’d love to help you communicate that to the world.

As I get older, I see more opportunities to connect the world of business to what inspires me and makes my life meaningful. I have gained confidence in what I can offer and the rooms I can walk into.  Life has continued to be an adventure – from leading my students through the vibrant streets of New Orleans for the AMA International Collegiate Conference, to exploring the breathtaking beauty of Bali, Indonesia with my family.

I have a lot going on – and sometimes its hard to find time to market myself. Feels rather hypocritical – since I am always encouraging my clients and students to put themselves out there!

But I have finally got around to updating my website! Thanks to some extremely talented young professionals (the very same ones who ventured to New Orleans with me), working under their brand new consulting business, Kites Marketing Agency, I’m able to share an updated narrative of who I am and how I can assist others in effectively communicating their brand story.

So big thank you to Kites Marketing AgencyTyler Jiang, Samantha Wong, Kelvin Tran, Isabel Balagat, and Eva Nguyen – for the amazing refreshing of my personal brand!

And although it’s a brand new website, I’m still the same Erica. I’m still here to guide you through your journey of creating and communicating a meaningful, authentic brand that is true to you.

I offer Brand Development, Strategic Planning, Dynamic Communications, and Education and Training. All the details about each of these services can be found on my Services page.

I also partner with brilliant graphic designers and web developers to get your brand out into the world, and can leverage my network of marketing professionals to connect you to whatever your business needs.

My adventure continues, and I’m excited to embark on this new chapter with you. Together, we’ll craft stories that resonate, strategies that help your business thrive, and brands that leave a lasting impact.

Stay inspired, stay authentic, and let’s write the next chapter of your brand’s success story together.

If you want to create a meaningful, powerful brand story, I’d love to help. Contact me here or drop me a line at

~ Erica

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