Branding: Expense or Investment?

Invest in Branding? You can’t afford not too. Getting clear on your brand identity is essential before implementing any marketing strategy.

Here are three big reasons why it pays to build your brand identity:

1) Branding Boosts

What if all your marketing channels could work twice as hard? Any banner ad you place, any tweet you promote will have a much greater impact if it is carrying a brand packed with meaning for your consumers. Boost the effect of all your marketing communications by investing in your brand first.

2) Branding Impresses

Consistent, meaningful branding doesn’t just tell your customers that you are professional and credible, it signifies quality. What’s your impression of a business with careless branding? Three different versions of the logo on the storefront- a name that doesn’t quite match the service, or a cookie-cutter website with no brand personality at all – poor branding at all these touchpoints tells customers you just didn’t care enough. So why would they trust your products? A business with quality branding communicates a quality offering.

3) Branding Returns

Every business wants to go viral, generate buzz and widen their audience. To do this you need something entertaining, educational, or meaningful that people want to share. But what happens if that sharable content isn’t tied to your brand? It just goes out there- and drifts away. You’ve given away something valuable and received no return. Brands anchor content so that it comes back to you and brings your audience in. If you have defined your brand and spent time creating a look and feel that is recognizably yours, all content you share, whether an image, article or video can be branded to raise awareness of your business, not just the content itself.

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  ~ Erica
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