Today’s Workshop

Want more tips on branding and marketing? Interested in what social media marketing could do for your business? Today’s Workshop has this and more.


Several years ago I met with Tanya Bennett, a friend and business mentor I’d long admired, for an overdue brainstorming session. We both loved teaching. We both had students and clients that needed access to ideas, tips and advice. We both loved working with entrepreneurs and small businesses- and we both loved marketing. But while she was a social media expert and digital marketer, I was more interested in branding and the big picture issues of marketing. What if we combined our related yet complimentary areas of expertise, and created a platform to share all of this great content?

Today’s Workshop was the result. Since then, Tanya and I have facilitated many workshops on marketing related topics for colleges, non profit organizations and entrepreneurship groups.

We have also built a website full of articles, posts and links offering free support and advice for our workshop participants, students, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics include how to brand your business cards, public speaking tips, the latest trends in social media marketing, socially responsible marketing practice, and many many more. We also profile small business success stories, and invite guest writers to share their best business advice.


Come join the conversation!


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~ Erica

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