Branding- Why bother? FAQs:

What is a brand?

A brand is the face of your business (or product). And it’s a face that talks, that tells stories. It delivers messages to others about who you are.

Why do I need to create a brand identity for my business? Doesn’t my great service/ brilliant idea/ superior product speak for itself?

You wouldn’t go to a job interview wearing stained pajamas. You would make the effort, of course, to make a good impression. You would take steps to be sure that the person who could offer you a great opportunity could see clearly that you are up for the job! That’s what a brand does for you. It goes on job interviews for you, with every single potential customer it meets.

Isn’t branding fake?

Examples of inauthentic brands are everywhere- brands that seem flashy, tacky, or make false promises. Brands that pretend to be “bigger“ than they are, or are or all show and no substance. Businesses that go this route mistakenly think this is what “marketing” means.

What does “marketing” mean?

Marketing means bringing goods and services to market. Making your offering- the thing that is valuable that you make or do- available to the people who would benefit from it. These people are your target market– and you need them to know and understand the value of what your business does. A big part of marketing is communicating to your potential customers what it is that you’re all about. Authentic Marketing means you have something truly wonderful (or important, or helpful) to offer to people who would truly love it, and you are finding honest and real ways of connecting with them.

What is the difference between marketing and branding?

Branding is a big part of marketing. You brand carries the message that travels through your marketing channels. So it’s pretty important! My favorite quote on this is:

“Marketing is what you do, branding is who you are.”

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  ~ Erica
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