A Brand Story: Erica Jane Consulting

I have always felt most at home where the water meets the land. Whether a crystal clear lake, or a stretch of ocean sand, this is where my brain quiets down and everything comes into focus. As a kid turned loose on the shore I could get lost for hours, my thoughts wandering in and out, the pebbles and shells forever new. Always another treasure to find, something remarkable to turn over in your hand- there it is! The perfect stone. Different from the rest, standing out, clearly unique.

What I love about branding is that it is both a science and an art. I get to use my analytical abilities, and my instincts, my expertise, and my creativity. I get an absolute thrill from that eureka moment- when what that unique brand identity comes into focus and I can’t wait to show a client what I’ve come up with- but it doesn’t end there. There is the thrill of working with a designer- of outlining the vision for a brand, and then seeing how she interprets it graphically. I love the new ideas that arise when two brains look at the same concept. Then exploring the options with the client, the back and forth with the designer to get it just right- and that first idea has now developed into something even more remarkable.

All that meaning, feeling and passion packed into a tiny space- an image, a few words, the right colours, the right style- it’s so powerful! And I get to hand this meaningful, powerful thing to my clients- “Here you are! Your brand.” And then they get to take it and use it to communicate what they do to the world.

That’s the story of my brand. Now let me help you tell yours. Contact me here or drop me a line at erica@ericajane.ca.
  ~ Erica
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