4 Great Reasons to Rebrand:

A complete rebrand is a big investment and takes a lot of time and soul searching- and many businesses are scared to take the leap. How will your customers react? What if you lose your loyal followers? Not to worry- if you are rebranding for the right reasons, a rebrand will boost your business to the next level.

A rebranding project I completed for recent client presents the perfect case to learn from- here are four great reasons it may be time for a rebrand.


1) Your brand was never quite right to begin with.


There are many reasons a business may be operating under a less than optimal name. Often entrepreneurs are in a rush to launch and don’t spent enough time on branding, hoping to revisit it later. But then they feel stuck! For style consultants Dee and Mara it was a case of inheriting a brand- they purchased the “Yummy Mummy Makeover” franchise because they loved the business model and service processes, but never felt quite comfortable with the name. They had a growing audience, a website, great content, and very satisfied clients who were eager to spread the word. But they were not confident their brand could help them grow.


2) You’ve changed your product.


Dee and Mara decided they no longer wanted to offer the “makeover” services portion of the business- their strength lay in closet consultations, personal shopping and style parties. The word “makeovers” actually no longer applied.


3) You’ve redefined your target market.


When businesses grow, they may discover they can best serve more focused markets, or they may reach out to new market segments that are not reflected in their original brand image. “Yummy Mummy Makeovers” described a pretty specific target market, but Dee and Mara were seeing a great need in other demographics. Older women, career women- in fact- all women at different stages of their lives who needed a style boost to propel them forward. Dee and Mara could also envision a time when they might offer services to male clients. Clearly, YMM had to go!


4) Your brand meaning has deepened.


For Dee and Mara, style consultation is not just about fashion. When I spoke with them about their experience working with clients I was so impressed by the transformative effect of their work. For their clients, fashion had been a source of anxiety. After working with Dee and Mara, clients were empowered to express their best selves and face life with renewed confidence. “Yummy Mummy Makeovers” did not communicate this at all.


Rebrand Results:


  • Their new brandname, “The Joy of Style,” captures the feeling that Dee and Mara bring to their work- not only do they offer a joyful style consultation experience – they transform the stress of not knowing what to wear into the sheer pleasure of feeling great about yourself.
  • Their new tagline “Refresh, Renew, Reemerge” communicates the deeper meaning of their service. Moreover, the new brand carves out a unique space for Dee and Mara in the current brandscape of style consultants- these ladies are the consultants who offer a truly meaningful consultation experience! Brands that can connect to their audience on this emotional level resonate deeply.
  • The new logo is both classic and fun, referencing the iconic Joy of Cooking/ Joy of Sex manuals, and at the same time transferring nicely from their previous circle-shaped logo – but now with fresh, updated design elements and colour.




Working with Dee and Mara was an absolute pleasure- you can visit their website here to learn more about the fantastic service they offer.

What about your business? Is it time for a rebrand? Contact me here or drop me a line at erica@ericajane.ca.


~ Erica

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