Refresh! When your brand needs a makeover:

Sometimes a complete rebrand doesn’t make sense- your business name works and you’ve built a great reputation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revitalize your brand- many businesses need to reposition themselves as they grow- and updating a few of your brand elements, like your logo or tagline, can be a great way to communicate this to your customers.

I was very pleased to be asked to lead the brand refresh for Full Serve Web- a web development and marketing company whose work I know well. What began years ago as an at- home business run by entrepreneur and busy mom Tanya Bennett had grown and expanded significantly, and Tanya wanted to reflect this change in her brand. Her target market had shifted and broadened, and Full Serve Web now had a team, an office and an impressive portfolio of international clients- plus they were now a fully functional marketing company online and off- so “web” had become just one category of services offered.

The challenge here was that the Full Serve brand was already fantastic! The gas-station metaphor, fun retro-design logo and bright colours were very well recognized. Originally, Tanya wanted a brand that connected with her target market of baby boomer business owners- and had created some great 50’s- style branded characters and material to tell the story of a quick and easy “full serve” web development company.


It would have been be a shame to abandon all of this great content- especially when it truly set the brand apart from its competition.

So how to keep telling this story, but reflect Full Serve’s growth and expanded client base?

My solution was to literally move Full Serve forward in time- from the 50’s rockabilly gas station to a Full Serve 60’s space hotel – a slicker, more urban style but with the same cheeky sense of humour, warmth and most importantly – a strong emphasis on an exceptional service experience. The updated logo reflects the new future-retro style, and the new colour palette of dark navy and red is classy and sophisticated. The refreshed brand personality is very distinct- a little bit sassy, a little bit fun- and absolutely professional.

Adding the tagline “Build, Connect, Share” reminds potential clients of the true value being offered using emotionally connecting language. The overall image is of a more confident organization that is still true to its quirky, trustworthy roots.

Full Serve Logo

This refreshed brand also offers many possibilities to create brand extensions– plans are in the works to brand the entire service process and also sub-brand Full Serve’s different service offerings. All with this unique and meaningful brand concept to tie it together!

This a great example of the purpose of brand refresh- it’s not just a style shift but an opportunity to deepen brand meaning and tell a bigger story. This fresh new brand image opens Full Serve up to greater opportunities.

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~ Erica
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