Your Passion is My Passion


The stories of business owners inspire me- I love to learn about the passion behind your plan, and how you came to create such a valuable, unique product or service. My specialty is helping business owners communicate that passion and uniqueness through authentic, one of a kind brands- something your target market will instantly recognize and understand as perfectly suited for them.


No smoke and mirrors here- Authentic Marketing means communicating who you are as a business to the people you serve in an inspired and meaningful way.

Let Me Share My Expertise!


I am an Instructor of Essentials of Marketing, Fundamentals of Branding , and Effective Public Speaking at BCIT’s School of Business. I also blog and create workshops about all things marketing at Today’s Workshop, a project I co-founded in 2011.


My approach combines the fundamentals of marketing with sharp instincts for communications strategy. I love the creativity involved in finding the perfect combination of words and images that will convey your story instantly, in a professional, original brand identity.


Living on the edge of Stanley Park and working in the vibrant yet relaxed city of Vancouver, I am always inspired! I love running around the misty seawall, hiking through our evergreen forests and trekking across our increasingly stylish downtown. It’s the best combination of natural and urban environments.  So lucky to live here and be part of this exciting business community!

Where do your customers live? What inspires them?


Read about my work in Vancouver’s entrepreneurship community here:

  • One of the greatest honours of my life is being a Public Speaking Instructor. Does that sound like an exaggeration? It isn’t. When term begins I ask the question- who wants to be here? Only a few put up their hand. It is a required......

  • This is a detail from a mural on the second floor of BCIT’s downtown campus (they implemented a fantastic rebrand and design project for BCIT’s 50th anniversary). That’s me in the middle picture with a group of students from the branding class I was teaching......

  • Do you own your own business? Or are you pursuing big goals in your career? If so, you need to be able to represent your brand in person. Whether its a new product, new project or new position you are seeking, you want to feel......


Through Erica Jane Consulting I work with trusted, experienced professionals that produce results I am thrilled to present to my clients. Erica Jane manages all project communications and works with affiliates until the project is complete.


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Primary Graphic Designer

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All headshots of Erica Halvorsen on this website are by Jon Lee of Jon Lee Video. All other photography is by Erica Halvorsen.