An Expert With a Passion For Crafting Authentic Brands

Let me guide you through your journey to creating a captivating brand. Together, we’ll craft an authentic identity that deeply resonates with your audience – one that will connect and communicate your value.

My Services

Brand Development

Leverage my expertise to launch or revitalize your brand. I’ll analyze your brand, employ market insights, and craft a compelling strategy complete with visuals and guidelines, ensuring your brand resonates and stands out.

Strategic Planning

Writing a marketing plan? Enhance your marketing efforts with my guidance. I’ll research your audience and industry trends, develop creative campaigns, and strategically select media channels to help your brand reach the right people.

Dynamic Communications

Looking to effectively convey a fresh initiative to your team or make a compelling pitch to investors? Let’s collaborate to refine and optimize your message. I’ll conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, delving into your core purpose and intentions, all aimed at revitalizing your communication strategy.

Education & Training

Empower your team through tailored workshops, seminars, and public-speaking sessions. Gain essential skills and maximize your professional impact with my guidance.

My Experience

(10+ Years) Brand Strategist: As the Founder of Erica Jane Consulting, I empower business owners by unraveling the captivating stories behind their ventures and transforming that passion into authentic, distinctive brands.

(10+ Years) Marketing Instructor: As a Marketing and Public Speaking Instructor at The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) I help to nurture new generations of marketing talent, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel in industry.

(2+ Years) Faculty Advisor: As a Faculty Advisor for the American Marketing Association (AMA), I support and mentor aspiring marketing executives with the development of managerial and leadership skills.

My Clients

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